Happy Easter everyone! It was a gloomy, rainy day here in Maryland and I’m exhausted. Spuddy arose at 7:30 and we haven’t stopped until now. DW is in Spud’s room putting him to sleep and I am taking a few minutes to myself. He’s exhausted so I don’t expect her to be long.

Food-wise, I gave us a pass since we weren’t cooking but we didn’t overdo it. We started the day at my moms with her 1st Annual Easter Brunch. She had everything under the sun – eggs, pancakes, scrapple, bacon, ham, sausage, chipped beef and gravy, fried potatoes, biscuits, toast, bagels, donuts, and even 2 trays of fruit. All of that for 5 adults and two kids under 10, lol. I tried a little of everything except the bagels and donuts.

Then it was off to our aunt and uncle’s for a more Paleo friendly dinner. Roast beef, ham, macaroni and cheese, green beans in almonds and deviled eggs. DW didn’t eat anything and I had a piece of beef, a piece of ham, green beans and an egg. No desserts for either of us. She did splurge with a rum and coke and I had a glass of red wine and unsweetened iced tea.

When we finally came back home around 6pm I helped Spuddy break one of those smashing chocolate eggs from his grammy and enjoyed a few pieces of that with him. Then DW and I sat down to watch a movie.

It was a good day overall.

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Here is a picture of Spuddy with the cupcake lol….
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I did it…

We went to the Amish market but I did not buy myself a doughnut….. Instead I bought Spuddy an Easter cupcake and had a half of a half. Proud of me.
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Stress and the Paleo Lifestyle

If someone had told me this time last year that I would no longer eat bread, drink milk, eat cheese or eat sugar I would have said they were smoking something strong that wasn’t a cigarette.  But here I am, off of all of that stuff by 95% and I don’t miss it – except when I’m stressed and that’s just a bit right now. 

We’ve had a bad cold we’ve passed around to each other and this is day 3 for me.  It sucks.  It’s one of those colds that prevents you from breathing all night and when you finally find a position that is comfortable where you can breathe, it’s time to get up.  So not only are you exhausted but you also can’t move too fast because then the cough hits and it doesn’t stop until you have a hot cup of tea – even the mighty Ricola cough drop doesn’t stop it. 

I took off Monday and Tuesday and went back to work today.  Oh how I would love to vent about work here but I will not – at least not too much.  Needless to say, a coughing spell hit and wham – I got the LOOK from a coworker.  Excuse the fluck out of me!  Then my boss suggests that I might want to stay home tomorrow.  WTF!  I cover my mouth, use plenty of tissues, spray my cube with Lysol and I’m on medicine prescribed from my doctor.  If only my best friend still worked with me….sigh…I feel like I have no one to talk to at work anymore and it’s not fun.  Don’t you think that a place where you spend most of your waking days should be at least a little fun?  Let’s see….I’ll name my coworkers after the seven dwarfs….the one who gave me the LOOK – we’ll call her Grumpy because she is as mean and anti-social as they get.  Dopey will have to go to the only guy left in my department – think Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure and you’ll understand.  Was there a Nosey Dwarf?  Well there is now and she is not in my department but she sits on the other side of our cubes and listens to all of our conversations and tosses her opinion over on every topic.  My boss would have to be Happy Dwarf – let’s all be nice and follow the rules and play fair.  The last dwarf would be another new one – Skeptic Dwarf – never believes anything anyone says and is always looking for the con.  Then there’s me – I’m Sleepy Dwarf because of my narcolepsy lol….

Enough fun – as Grumpy Dwarf would say! So then I get home and receive a text from my mom saying that she had to take my dad to the ER because he was having trouble breathing.  He’s had a chest xray, blood drawn, and a healthy dose of prednisone.  UPDATE:  He has pneumonia.  They are sending him home with lots of meds and he has to rest so I will be taking today off to take care of Spuddy for them. 

To get to my point in this post, what I want right now is a nice, big doughnut.  Not a fluffy one full of air, like Dunkin Donuts…I want a heavy one, full of cream and fried in grease and slathered with icing so thick it’s easily an inch thick.  I think Spuddy and I will go to the Amish Market today and try to find one to share lol. 

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Paleo and Birthdays for 4 year olds Don’t Mix

It has been a tough weekend in my house as our son turns 4 and we struggle to accept that we are losing our baby and not much weight.  We were eating more fruits and veggies than we ever had and that turned out to be the problem.  I usually started my day with a banana at 6am – when I arrive at work – and have another one for a snack around 11am.  Little did I realize how many carbs are in bananas – 55 grams in the two!- and with us trying to stick with around 100-200 grams a day we were blowing our goal out of the water when we added in the carrots, brocolli and potatoes.  Ok, so we realized the problem and we can fix it by adding in more greens and less of the foods we are accustomed to.  Saturday was our sons bday party and my mom bought a sheet cake – I have a serious cake addiction.  Not only did I eat what everyone left on their plate when they were gone but also two slices and more later that night.  Basically I have eaten it all weekend and I feel disgusted with myself for not just trashing the leftovers. I have had no problem avoiding the chips, pretzels, doritoes or cheese curls.  Even the 12 cups of ice cream I have left are in the freezer, untouched,  because no one wanted any after the rich, delicious whipped topping cake passed their lips.  Ok, I made a mistake and that doesn’t mean I order footlong cheesesteaks, fries and an xlarge pizza – yes that was our normal weekend dinner (sometimes twice a weekend).  It means I get my butt in the kitchen and cook some good food and toss that damn cake.

I also had a doctor appointment to get my meds refilled this morning and what I thought would be a happy visit with my dr turned a little scary.  First, my weight was up 2 pounds over my last visit there before Christmas.  Second, my blood pressure was 159/106 – not good.  Third, when she saw that she immediately called the nurse to have her do an EKG on my heart.  She told me that no matter what my weight, due to my family history of high blood pressure we would always have to keep an eye on that.  Luckily, my heart came back normal and when I explained to her what we were doing with the paleo change and told her we were starting yoga next week, she was ecstatic.  She said she would see me in June and do bloodwork then.  That it was the best news she has heard from me ever.  And that it was the first time in she didn’t know how long that I was there and I wasn’t sick – I looked good.  I actually felt good, cake guilt aside, and left smiling….from my drs office….first time ever for that too lol….

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Plant Based Diets?

So, my boss tells us that she is going to be starting a lifestyle change eventually evolving into a strictly plant based diet. I decided to do some research – since we’re doing something similar with Paleo – except we eat lots of meat!! The conclusion I have come to is that I don’t want to be a vegetarian at this time. I am actually, for the first time in my life, not missing dairy, especially cheese. My skin has been discolored in patches my entire life. My mom took me to the doctor when I was around 12 and he said that I was allergic to something in the air. Guess What? My skin is clearing up beautifully!!!! I don’t know if it is the dairy or the sugars or what that I no longer eat but I don’t want to go back to being that patchy, ugly slug I was just a short 3 weeks ago. I know that we are not 100% Paleo but we are at least 90% and I feel better than I have in years. I don’t want to add beans or soy or tofu to my diet right now. Maybe if I get stuck at a weight I am not satisfied with I will consider it but right now it’s Paleo for me baby!

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PaleOMG Recipe for Meat Crust Quiche

PaleOMG – Paleo Recipes – Meat Crust Quiche.

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