I was perusing one of my favorite blogs, butch…and pregnant, a few days ago and she said her and her wife were getting ready to start the Whole30 program again.  And that they had each lost 50 pounds in 30 days when they did it before and kept it off.  Holy crap I never typed in a website so fast in my life!  For those of you who have never heard of it google it!  I am so doing this.  For me.  I slowly started yesterday by stopping at the grocery store on my way to work and buying those things which I rarely buy – fruits and vegetables – and boiled eggs and water.  I had watermelon for breakfast, an apple for a snack, a lean cuisine minus the noodles for lunch and a pear for my afternoon snack.  I had the sinus headache from hell by the time I arrived home and I told Spuddy that mama felt like the scary Dracula in his favorite movie, Hotel Transylvania.  He told me I was silly.  I felt like hell.  Two aspirins, a sandwich bag of pretzel pita chips, and my anti-depressant medication helped and I was my normal self by bedtime.  I let Spuddy pick out dinner so we had baked french fries, baked chicken patties and baked chicken nuggets.  I also steamed  a bag of brussel sprouts for me and DW.

Today after work Spuddy went to our aunt and uncles and I went to the grocery store.  I bought 2 fresh salmon filets, sweet potatoes (for baked fries), coconut oil, ground beef and turkey bacon.  I just weighed myself and after only 2 days, following the plan halfway, I am down 6 pounds.  That is an 11 pound loss since I started this blog.  I feel really good and I can’t wait to feel even better!


About Mama Dawnee

Hi! I'm Dawn, a web developer by day, mama to my handsome son, 3 dogs and 2 cats, a wife, a home maker, a DIY enthusiast and a deal searching blogger in my free time. I've lived in Maryland all my life and I love to travel.
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