Valentine’s Day

Ah, another day where I can justify buying a great box of chocolate and eating it myself.  But I won’t.  My mother did fill a bag for me and I saw chocolate cake and put the whole bag on the table until I can stand to see what else is in there.  Right now I am making dinner for the two loves of my life – Spuddy and DW.  We’re having steak, potato wedges and asparagus.  Then we will each have a serving of chocolate for dessert.  I didn’t want to get Spuddy any candy and I thought DW agreed with me until she came in from Rite Aid last night with a small box of chocolates that had a monster on them.  I said, “Didn’t we just have a conversation about no chocolate for him?” She said, God love her, “Yes, but I didn’t agree with you, I just listened to what you said.” LOL, oh if only you all knew the woman when I first met her who picked fights for the fun of it!  She then proceeded to tell me that everyone should get chocolates for Vday.  So, Spuddy and I stopped at the Amish Market and bought mommy a 1/2 pound of her favorite caramels and a candy apple for him.  DW just called to say that she was on her way home – she got off early to surprise us – but she is stuck in traffic.  Bummer.  Well, I’m off to put on my vday thongs – stop laughing – just in case I get lucky tonight 😉


About Mama Dawnee

Hi! I'm Dawn, a web developer by day, mama to my handsome son, 3 dogs and 2 cats, a wife, a home maker, a DIY enthusiast and a deal searching blogger in my free time. I've lived in Maryland all my life and I love to travel.
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