Our Busy Weekend

We took Spuddy to see Disney on Ice Saturday night at the Baltimore Arena and he loved it. We are glad he did because for us, it was just one more reminder about why we need to lose weight. If the walk to get into the place doesn’t kill you, trying to squeeze your size 28 rear end in a seat made for a size 14 will. As it was, I had to walk back to the truck because they no longer allow any camera’s with a detachable lens into the arena – the security guard said that we might try to take good pictures to sell – HA! Finally making it to my seat, I was once again up and down several times to supply overpriced food and toys to Spuddy lol. Then halfway through the show we had to get up again to let in two people who apparently had been sitting in the wrong seats claim the farthest reaching two seats in our aisle where we had placed all of our bags and clothes. If that’s not bad enough we now had to hold these items with us in our seats, which were too small to begin with, and try to eat, drink, and watch our son who can’t see because there was an adult sitting in front of him. So, up we go again with all of our stuff to move him to a seat where he can see. DW was done after an hour and a half and went out to the truck lol. I stayed with Spuddy until about 5 minutes before it ended and we ran out to the truck so we wouldn’t get stuck in the mass exodus of the parking garage. It’s a nightmare to get out of. It took us over an hour once after a soccer game.

Sunday we did chores to get the house ready for the week ahead. I made our last cheese pizza that we had in the refrigerator for lunch and then we had the last of the leftover food from our wedding for dinner. As I was putting Spuddy to bed I suddenly felt so nauseous that I had to go get sick. Thankfully everyone else was fine. No idea what hit me.

This morning I weighed and I am 8 pounds down! GO ME!!!


About Mama Dawnee

Hi! I'm Dawn, a web developer by day, mama to my handsome son, 3 dogs and 2 cats, a wife, a home maker, a DIY enthusiast and a deal searching blogger in my free time. I've lived in Maryland all my life and I love to travel.
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