As the mama of a 4 year old, a 16 week puppy, 2 older dogs, two cats and being a wife, full-time worker outside of the home and full-time blogger inside the home, life can get a little crazy. There is so much I want to do! When I first started this blog I complained that I didn’t feel like doing anything – that’s an improvement for sure! Today, my day started at 5:30 when I woke up to go to the bathroom. By 6:30 I was leaving for the grocery store and I was back home by 8:30. Most groceries were away by 10 and I was working on the 3rd load of laundry. I laid down for about 30 mins and then DW woke me up. Spuddy’s grammy was picking him up at 11:15 to take him to run errands and have lunch with her (thank God for relatives who do this – seriously, you all should win a medal or something). DW went down for a nap and I started in on a To Do list. With the new puppy – Shadow – I cannot get this house to stop smelling like puppy poop. I have shampooed, used plug-ins, tried every over the counter thing there is – then DW said, “What about vinegar and water?” It WORKED!! Spuddy came home and said “Mama, what is that smell?” I told him and he said “Oh, it smells good!” Now it is 8:50 and I am exhausted. I didn’t get a single thing done for any of my sites today….and I am supposed to be working on making Spuddy’s old bedroom into a cool playroom while DW is supposed to be making our spare bedroom his new room. Nope, none of that done today either. The house is clean, we have food, the last load of laundry is in the dryer, everyone has been fed and has pottied….yet DW said, “This was a terrible day wasn’t it?” I’m not going with terrible…it was just a day that got away from us, like too many do. After reading up about what is happening in Syria, I feel so very, very blessed to live here and not anywhere near there. There is a part of me that wishes I could go and help get some of these kids out of there…to just leave and do it…but I could never leave my family, nor would I want them there with me to see this hell on earth. I will pray for them and I ask you all to do the same. Have a great Monday!
Our New Puppy Shadow!

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I need a place to vent….

My wife has a friend who is being an asshole. There, I said it. This girl is the most immature, self centered person I know. One day she is going to get off her damn high horse and want to be back in my wife’s life and my wife will let her. That part is ok – my wife has a huge heart and I will never fault her for that. This friend, however, is going down such a destructive path so quickly that she can’t even see it for herself. She never has a single positive thing to say. She is with a person who has a very bad disease caused by their very bad habits and even with all of their bad stuff, I don’t see how anyone can live with her. My wife spoke up to try and help her and suddenly my wife is the villain. Ok, I feel a little better.

So, I haven’t been out here in awhile and I thought I would come out and catch up. We aren’t following Paleo 100% but I can tell you that our month of eating Paleo changed not only how we look at the food we eat but the amount of food. I don’t weigh myself every week but last week I was down 25 pounds from where I was at the beginning of the year. That is freaking amazing to me because I haven’t been forcing a diet on myself – I’ve just been trying to make better choices. I know I need to add exercise and by God I will one day – but me and 100 degree heat are not ever going to be friends so it will not be this week lol.

I’ve been hard at work on my discount site – and a few other sites that I plan to introduce soon as well. One for shoes and one for disaster prep. How are you all doing?

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Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day to all of the veterans who have fought for my freedom…I think of you everyday, not just today…each time I can voice my opinion, each time I kiss my wife and son goodnight, and each day when I go to work…thank you to the families who have sent their sons and daughters into battle – I don’t know how you ever sleep…may you all have a blessed day…

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My new site!

Come over and see my new site at!!

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Some Days….

I just feel fat and miserable.  Today is not overly hot but here I am sweating in my house, even in shorts and a muscle shirt.  At least Spuddy hasn’t asked me to play “Just Dance 4” with him today.  It’s a lot of fun but I am hot and it makes me irritable.

We’re about to get back on a strict Paleo lifestyle in May – unbeknownst to my DW lol.  It’s not that we have been bad since our first month but we just haven’t been as careful and the weight is moving off slower.  We have vacation in June and hopefully will be TTC #2 by the end of the summer so we need to get more of this weight off.

I’m looking forward to vacation.  We rented a house on the beach at the ocean and we’re taking Spuddy’s best friend with us.  They are going to have so much fun together and it will give Spuddy someone to ride the kiddie rides with.  His best friend is 2 years older (6) but they call each other brother and truly love each other. 

Ok time for me to play on the Wii lol…

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A Cool Easter Gift from Mom

My mom will buy my brother and I gifts for every holiday until the day she dies….to her we are always her babies lol. To say that she has bought us some….interesting….gifts over the years is an understatement. There have been some years where I have literally donated every item she has given me – sorry mom if you ever read this. This year she hit the “As Seen on TV” aisle at her current favorite store, Boscov’s. Among the several gadgets she bought us was one I had actually wanted to try called the “Perfect Fries”. I like to make homemade fries for the baby but I DO NOT like to cut potatoes. Enter in this wonderful little gadget.

I hope that works….it’s a link to it on Amazon. Anyway, I literally sliced up 3 huge potatoes in less than 2 minutes and they look delicious!! I will even take a picture of them for you lol.
*If you buy them from my link on Amazon I am supposed to tell you I will make a few pennies 🙂

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Rough Night

I’ve been up almost all night 😦 I think it’s because I forgot to take my medicine – just read the bottle and it is supposed to make you drowsy – or it could be because I was up at midnight having a sugar attack and eating everything in sight. All I know is that I’m angry at myself and I am NOT falling off of this wagon this time. It would be so easy to just keep eating again. It’s like falling back into one of those comfortable old nightgowns you tuck into the back of a drawer for a really cold night. So soft, so warm, so safe, so…familiar. It’s never too small, never makes you think about what you are doing….it’s almost seductive in the way it mesmerizes you with its allure….come with me it says…I will fill you with comfort and you will forget about everything else, just for tonight. But I know now, I see it so clearly for the first time in my life, that the comfort is very temporary and there is no real satisfaction in the way an overstuffed belly makes me feel.

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